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Managed IT Services in London by Grabzoom


Harness the Power of Expert IT Support


Welcome to Grabzoom, where managing your IT needs becomes effortless. In the heart of London, we offer tailored managed IT services that align perfectly with your unique business requirements. Our clientele spans from bustling home offices to global giants in industries like oil and gas development, health services, and beyond.

We are passionate about using technology to help organisations reach their goals. Our team is comprised of experts in a variety of disciplines, from network engineering and cloud architecture to direct consultancy and hardware installation. We take pride in our ability to develop custom solutions that fit the unique needs of each of our clients.


We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends in technology, offering solutions that use cutting-edge tools and techniques. We also strive to provide a collaborative atmosphere where our clients can feel comfortable sharing their ideas, and our team can work together to bring those ideas to life.

Why Choose Grabzoom?


In an era where technology is not just a tool but a driving force of change, choosing the right IT partner is crucial. Welcome to Grabzoom, London’s premier destination for managed IT services.


Our approach is simple yet profound: we blend our extensive expertise with a personal touch to offer IT solutions that resonate with your unique business needs. Why choose us? Let’s explore.


  • Understanding Your World: With a diverse customer base including serviced office providers, local government, and high-stakes city traders, we comprehend the varied and dynamic needs of different industries. Our team is equipped with international experience and a deep understanding of multiple business landscapes. We’re uniquely positioned to provide solutions that fit just right.


  • A Personal Touch: We believe in combining high-level professional service with a friendly, approachable attitude. Our commitment to excellence in customer service means you’re not just getting a service provider, but a technology partner who’s as invested in your success as you are.


  • Expertise That Speaks for Itself: At Grabzoom, we pride ourselves on a team that’s not just skilled, but also seasoned. With a minimum of 10 years of international experience, our staff have hands-on knowledge in IT reselling and have worked across a spectrum of business types. This depth of expertise ensures that we understand your needs, irrespective of your industry.


Ready to experience IT services that truly understand your needs? Join us on this journey to technological excellence, and let us be the driving force behind your business’s success.

Your Serviced Office IT Specialists

With 20+ years of experience in delivering IT services to multi-tenant buildings, you can rest assured that what we do both saves you money and makes many of your IT problems disappear.

From humble stationery, catering, IT hardware and software supply to cloud-managed IT infrastructure, we can transform your coworking, managed or serviced office space.

Finally, reduce your invoice processing costs by getting a single invoice every month for IT services, stationery, catering and janitorial supplies.

  • Fibre internet access

  • Wire-free internet access (London)

  • Cloud managed firewalls

  • Cloud managed switches

  • Cloud managed Wi-Fi

  • ​IT Infrastructure for multi-tenant buildings

  • ​IT hardware, software and stationery supply

  • ​Cloud-based backup

  • ​​VOIP telephone solutions

  • ​Audio / Video systems installation

  • ​IT remote support contracts

  • IP based High Definition CCTV

  • Various levels of on-site IT staffing are available to book. From service desk to consultancy

  • Antivirus software

  • Hardware Maintenance


Our Services Are Tailored for You


Whether you’re a small accountancy firm or a major player in the power distribution industry, our managed IT services in London are designed to cater to your specific needs. Our offerings include:


  • Customised IT Solutions: From infrastructure management to cybersecurity, we offer a range of services tailored to your business’s unique requirements.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Support: We keep your systems running smoothly with ongoing monitoring and prompt, effective support.

  • Strategic IT Consulting: Leverage our expertise to make informed decisions and plan your IT investments strategically.


At Grabzoom, we’re not just service providers; we’re your IT partners. So when you partner with us, you can look forward to impeccable service that meets your needs:


  • Understand and align with your business goals.

  • Provide expert, experienced, and friendly service.

  • Offer scalable solutions that grow with your business.


If you’re looking for managed IT services in London that not only meet but exceed expectations, your search ends here. Let’s work together to make your IT journey seamless and successful. Connect with us today on 0203 713 0505 and discover the Grabzoom difference.

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