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Grabzoom on-line backup

We provide seamless and secure backup of your data to the cloud; we can take care of all the management, monitoring and performance for you.

Grabzoom’s engineers ensure that your backed up data is held only within the EU and is:

Secured and encrypted - Your data is encrypted on the source side, in transit and on the server side.

Scalable - We don’t charge you for what you don’t need. Grabzoom's Cloud Backup can scale with your demands.

Fast and efficient - Block level backup, compression, purging, bandwidth throttling. Backups of office data can be set to have a low impact on your bandwidth during the day and then go full throttle overnight.

  • We can do general office documents backup.

  • We can do system level backups (imaging of desktops,laptops and servers).

  • We can to SQL level backups

  • We can to Exchange email server backups.

You also get on-line access to your management portal so you can see what is being backed up and when. Full reporting is available on every backup job ran.

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