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Launch of AlphaMail hosted email service

We have now upgraded our hosted email platform that gives business a simple low cost and easy to use platform. If you are fed up with unreliable email, difficult setup and being blacklisted because your ISP is managing your email badly - then speak to us.

AlphaMail works natively with Microsoft Outlook, Apple's email client and also Android's email client.

To configure your email client simply enter your email address and password and it is job done! No need to enter complex SMTP or IMAP server settings.

  • With AlphaMail you get a massing 50GB mailbox and integrated calendaring.

  • £4.99 per mailbox per month - simple setup and simple pricing.

  • Antivirus, Antispam, mobile access is all included in the price.

  • Unlike many hosted email services, we guarantee to host your data within the EU.

  • All your data is encrypted on the hosted servers.

The only extra cost would be if you wanted us to migrate your existing email to the new service. You will need to either grant us access to your email domain or instruct your domain manager to make some changes for AlphaMail to work for you.

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