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EU: Changes to online payment processing

If you run a web based shop or shop online yourself (who the heck doesn't shop online?) the EU is bringing in big changes in September. They are introducing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) that will apply to all online payments within the EU.

SCA compliance means that two factor authentication is required for every online purchase. This authentication would typically consist of something you know (2nd password or pass code), something you have (mobile phone) or something you are (fingerprints).

We envisage most of the payment authentications will be done by sending a code to your mobile that you enter on the website as the final stage of the checkout process.

So, whilst checkouts will be slower, the increase in security and the potential reduction in fraud should outweigh everything. Having to put that final code in may help stop those dodgy purchase people make after having a beer or two!

After 14th September the banks will automatically decline payments that don't include the two factor authentication process.

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