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Buying for your business on Amazon

1. If you’re using Amazon Prime and something is not delivered next day as promised, report it to Amazon, and they will extend your Prime membership for a month. Outside of Amazon Prime, they will refund the shipping fees. They also sometimes issue discount vouchers.

2. Watch out for items that say “Next day delivery” but have week-long dispatch times.

3. Around 50% of products on Amazon are from third-party sellers. You must check to see where these items are shipping from, as they could be grey imports.

4. A bit obvious, but when buying from a 3rd party seller, check out their Amazon reviews first.

5. Check that you have not been charged VAT on items that don’t have VAT or are zero-rated (non-luxury foods etc.). If you are charged VAT in this situation and/or you claim the VAT back – it is VAT fraud.

6. Switch to an Amazon Business account to get 30 days of credit terms and better invoicing.

7. If an item has not arrived and yet Amazon says it has been delivered? Don’t panic, Amazon say their systems can show delivery has been made while items are still in transit.

8. Item still not arrived after 36 hours? Again, don’t panic. Amazon is normally good about issuing refunds or getting replacements out to you.

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