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A back to basics guide - Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows users to experience a digitally enhanced version of the real world by overlaying computer-generated images, videos or sounds onto their physical surroundings. Here are some potential benefits that AR can bring to us:

  1. Enhancing Learning and Education: AR can revolutionize how we learn and educate ourselves. For example, AR can be used in classrooms to make learning more interactive, engaging, and fun. AR can help students understand complex concepts by overlaying visual aids onto their textbooks or by providing virtual simulations of historical events or scientific experiments.

  2. Improving Healthcare: AR can significantly improve healthcare by enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of medical procedures. For example, AR can help surgeons visualise and navigate the human body during operations or help doctors diagnose diseases by overlaying digital information onto medical images.

  3. Enhancing Entertainment: AR can enhance the entertainment industry by providing immersive and interactive experiences to users. For example, AR can be used to create interactive games that blend the digital and physical worlds or to provide virtual tours of museums and art galleries.

  4. Improving Productivity: AR can improve productivity by providing workers with real-time information and guidance in their work environments. For example, AR can help factory workers visualize assembly instructions on their workstations or help warehouse workers locate products using digital overlays.

  5. Enabling Remote Collaboration: AR can enable remote collaboration by allowing users to share their AR-enhanced views of the world with others. For example, AR can enable remote experts to provide guidance to field workers by overlaying digital instructions onto their live video feeds.

Here's that back to basics on AR - imaging walking to work in the dark, you spot a lampost that isn't working. AR looks up the location and the serial number of the lamp and pings a message to the council, giving them the GPS location of the faulty item. This is all while you AR is guiding you to the bus stop in time for the bus to arrive.

Finally - which group of people use the most AR today? - Pirates of course.


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